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A simple plugin that will make any Vantage site better
johnpattison - April 26, 2017
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Works just as it’s supposed to, and I think it’s one of the vital plugins for Vantage, especially if you’ve got a big site with loads of categories. Great support too.
Awesome idea & easy implementation!
ianross - April 18, 2017
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This is a great way to augment the appearance of your Vantage directory using cool, creative and colorful pins – it also allows you to modify the map(s) as the demo video shows. (which is quite helpful – but not the reason I purchased 🙂 You can quickly and easily find really cool category icons (let’s say – from a place like thenounproject, which has thousands of them for free) and really dramatically enhance the visual style of your site – with custom pins that add an audience engagement element (and the aura of interactivity) to your map listings that makes the old way…..look boring and bland. The real appeal to this (for me, anyway) is that it opens up some creative monetization ideas when it comes to featured listings – or special categories – etc – that stand out on the map – and on a busy site, can make all the difference to your members when choosing to pay for X – or not. Highly recommend!
Just perfect
traxjob - November 17, 2016
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No bug, works perfectly for me on WP 4.6.1 and Vantage 3.0.8. Thanks for this great plugin ! 😉

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