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I like this plugin
oachour - January 4, 2017
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I like this plugin, I like the support, Dale was professional support , I email him to make some change for the plugin because the plugin not work with my child theme so him made the change and now it is work perfect with my simply responsive child theme , thanks dale
Great plugin
ernestt83 - July 22, 2018
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i bought the plugin and make litle adjustment for my child theme *classipost works great.
highly recommended
weiching - July 9, 2016
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My users are complaining that the dashboard has no search function. I suggested that the functions of the Forum, Dale heard my needs, he made a plugin. My site is large, users have many ads in the dashboard, they will be very happy to have search and filtering capabilities. Dale was quick and professional support, I strongly recommend.

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Rating: 5 Stars, 4 votes.

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